Offering you the best 4K production and post production in the city”

About Don Shal

Don Shal Productions has been involved with film, television, and video production from pre to post for main stream and independent projects all across North America. Don Shal deals with all things multimedia as well to make sure your product is seen no matter what. Don Shal Productions was founded by Sheldon Ludwig on July 13, 2008 in Sauble Beach, ON (Canada).


WE SHOOT! Don Shal Productions owns and offers 4K HDR ready top of the line professional equipment, allowing you to create either your Feature Film or even your Instagram Video. This includes cameras, drones, sound, and lighting. Everything that you'll need for the Producers and DOPs at DSP to shoot the video you want created.


WE EDIT! You never want to end up in the situation where you want to fix it in post, but if you do, we will be there for you! Don Shal Productions will bring your entire project together with video editing, animation, VFX, sound and colour correction. Offering you a one stop editing shop for your project to be revealed to the world!


WE ENTERTAIN! Without the proper preplanning, your audiences will never achieve the entertainment level you desire for them. This is where Don Shal Productions will help brainstorm and build innovative concepts to convey your film, show, or video.


WE PROMOTE! If you have a business, you need a website! This has been true since 1991. The only difference is Don Shal Productions will create the most modern website with top notch graphic design for you that will be cross-platform compatible and let the user’s finger do all the work. A little SEO never hurts either.


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